Ultimate Choice guide for buying products in 2017, here you can see list of all best tech gadgets and products ranging from smaller screen to large flexible displays and so many more..

LG Wallpaper TV

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Think your half-inch thick 4K TV is already really thin? Think again. LG’s Wallpaper OLED 4K TV is so thin (2.57mm) that it makes an iPhone X (7.7mm) look fat. The wafer-thin flatscreen is a visual entertainment paradise, and every time you stare at it, you can’t help but become lost in its perfection of pixels and high dynamic range colors. The included soundbar housing all of the TV’s components is equally mesmerizing every time it boots up.


Google Pixelbook

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MacBooks Pros may be the go-to laptop for just about everyone, but it’s nowhere near as fun to use as Google’s Pixelbook. It’s a Chromebook, so it comes with all the limitations of one, and at $1,000, it’s not for everyone. But if you if you already live in Chrome and can use Android apps to fill in the last app mile (easier than you’d think), you’ll find a wonderful lightweight and thin computer that’s as much of a joy to type on in clamshell mode as it is to touch and swipe at in tablet mode.

Apple Watch Series 3

World’s best smartwatch for a reason

Buy on AmazonThe Apple Watch 3 is the most advanced smartwatch available in the market right now. Yes, we agree that it’s very similar to the Apple Watch 2 visibly, but there are some incremental changes internally.
Apple did not launch the LTE variant in India, which was one of the key features this time and one which unnecessarily added up to the price of the watch. The non-LTE variant offers all the smarts of the Watch 2 but with a better battery ife and faster processing. It is still water resistant which means you can take it with you to swim or jog on a rainy day.
There’s a GPS onboard to navigate and track your running, and it also has the latest watchOS 4 software.