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People who say “programming is not for females” are badly mistaken and probably not programmers.

First of all, we can rapidly dismiss the idea that programming is not for females with 3 important examples :

  1. Programming have been INVENTED by a female: Ada Lovelace

after that her husband invented the computer (computing machine). What did Augusta Ada Lovelace invent? & Founder of Scientific Computing & Ada Lovelace: The First Computer Programmer From the electronic she saw she stated that it was suited for “developping [sic] and tabulating any function whatever. . . the engine [is] the material expression of any indefinite function of any degree of generality and complexity.” and gave an example program to show it, the very first computer program: a Bernouilli algorithm. “Originally, Lovelace was only supposed to translate Babbage’s notes regarding the Analytical Machine, but she soon came up with a way to improve the invention. She discovered that punch cards could be used to instruct the Analytical Machine to interpret letters as well as numbers”

Stated clearly, it means that her husband Baggage invented the hardware for making calculations, but she generalized it with programming, and described the use of it for more elaborated use with encoding of letters with numbers.

  1. Compiling have been INVENTED as well by a female: Grace Hooper

3. The first super-computer were programmed by females

Computer Programming Used To Be Women’s Work & Working on ENIAC: The Lost Labors of the Information Age – Thomas Haigh, Mark Priestley | Open Transcripts Look for the ‘To secret Rosies’ or look at those pictures:

Figure: Esther Gerston and Gloria Gordon work with the ENIAC computer

Each decimal digit was a plug-in module with 23 vacuum tubes

We can see that programming is used to be a women thing.


There are hundreds of thousands of professional female programmers, and yet not nearly enough. It is a GREAT time to be a woman going into programming, because industry – at least in the US – is recognizing that they need to do a better job recruiting and retaining women in programming roles. The most recent figures I’ve seen for women in technical role (programmers and directly related to programming) are 5% to 20% at the big technical companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc.

You can go as far as you want to as a programmer, provided you’ve got the ability and motivation. Pro-tip: the ability and motivation have nothing to do with your gender.

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