This anti-gravity case allows you to stick on almost every smooth surface, so that you can focus on doing your stuff hand-free! like watching tutorial, talking selfie, recording, and much more! It has millions of suction cups at the back – phone case that sticks without being sticky!. Occasionally, it picks up dirts but worry not, just wipe it with a wet cloth, and boom, its self-heal!

This is iCamPro, a new level of security camera. Unlike ordinary cam, this little guy is portable (plug-in to standard wall power outlet) and has built with motions sensors to rotate 360° to track and seek intruders. What? Video quality you say? The resolution is 1080p FHD. The cool part is the two-way audiofeature allows you to talk and hear over the robot to… maybe, scare off the intruders. It offers a number of useful features too, definitely worth the price tag.

This is Prong. The idea is simple. It’s a 3x combination of charger, power pack, and protection case. It offers a 2600 mAh for a 100% recharge of a regular iPhone 6s, if you look for more, you can go for pro version with 3500 mAh for 130% extra juices. With this cool gadget, you basically don’t need a cable at all.

This is FLIR Scout ps24. It is a thermal vision camera up to 350 yards away. This thing is very effective in detecting heat generated by a distal object, which is incredible useful for hunting, locate missing individual, scouting, home security, etc. It’s durable and long lasting battery designed for outdoor purpose.

A regular bike? Nope, an e-bike and its lightweight. This head-turning 2016 newly launched bike is called M2S (mountain to sea). Unlike ordinary electric bike, This carbon fiber bike has a weight of just 33 pounds (include battery) with a 200 watt petal assisted speed up to 28 mph in no time. Gear up, bike-lover!